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Who We are

Considered by many to be WALLINGFORD’S INSTITUTION, people will agree that Rosa’s Deli is one of the best places to come and eat. Rosa’s has been here since 1980 and brings a wealth of knowledge and southern Italian cooking, hence the reason why so many come back.

Rosa’s is a small family business that tries to maintain a friendly atmosphere, low prices and great food. You can ask the hundreds that come back every day and they will tell you how much they love it. We get personal with many of our clients, we exchange jokes, daily news and even family news.

This truly makes Rosa’s Deli a community center. With many of our fellow local businesses, we all help build and make Wallingford the town it truly is. THE BEST NEW ENGLAND TOWN that is!




"Thoroughly cooking meats,poultry,seafood,shellfish, or eggs reduces the risk of foobourne illness."FDA

By asking for any food items from Rosa's Deli that are served hot, COLD, you are responsible to thoroughly cool or reheat your meal before consumption.Further information may be found at fda.com


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